How it works:

Parsnip is a fundraising service that is free for all UK registered charities to use.

It allows our users to automatically make a donation to any UK charity they wish to support, whenever they make a payment by card, phone, or payment device. Every single penny donated goes to the charity they’ve chosen, and these donations occur seamlessly in the background without the retailer having to do anything.

Why should my brand join Parnsip?

– You would like to sell more goods or services
– You would like more loyal customers
– You want your customers to share their positive experiences
– You would like to understand your customers better, and you want to identify new customers
– You want to help your customers support the charitable causes they care about

All of our users generate cashback after purchasing products from our retail partners. Users can choose to keep all of their cashback, or share it with their selected charity using our Donation Boost feature.

Parsnip users are also able to join our members club which gives them access to money can’t buy offers and benefits, as well as money saving discounts. We welcome retailers who want to promote their goods and services through the club.

A partnership with Parsnip will deliver commercial and CSR benefits.

We’d love you to come on this journey with us.

Please get in touch if:

– You want to associate your brand with a strong positive message, and be promoted accordingly
– You would like to promote something special to an engaged and motivated audience
– You are able to provide cashback offers for our registered users
– You are able to provide offers or discounts to help engage and reward donors