It’s as easy as…

Simple and Rewarding

1. Setup Parsnip

Setup Parsnip in one of our partner banking apps, select any UK charity to support with your donations and Gift Aid and receive all the information on your donations in the app.

Donation rules icon

2. Pick your donation rules

Choose how much you want to donate, from 10p to £2, each time you buy something. Set a monthly cap to make sure you only give what you can afford.

Spend icon

3. Spend as usual

Your donations are calculated automatically based on your settings and sent to your chosen charity.
Parsnip works on every transaction you make in-store, online, at automated paypoints (like car parks) and telephone payments.

4. Enjoy benefits

Receive treats just for being you, generate in-store cashback from our retail partners, and access exclusive discounts, offers and more from the brands you love in the optional members club.



Choose to donate small amounts to your favourite charity automatically as you shop.


Generate up to 7.5% cashback and keep the money for yourself or share it with your favourite charity.


1000s of online brands. Up to 50% off RRP.
Generate up to 15% online cashback.


We regularly give up to 25% extra cashback for spending in well known stores, as well as free gifts and cash prizes.